Ghosind Focus on Computer Science, Mathematics, and Electrics


Contributed Projects

  • Timepop: Timepop is a free app that takes a refreshing approach to inspire you to focus on what’s coming up, rather than looking at the past. Literally, you scroll up to see the future!
  • Vibe: Share daily moments with your friends and campus.
  • FoodiEats: Save time, satisfy your cravings & earn rewards with your favorite restaurants at your fingertips.
  • FatCoupon: FatCoupon Extension: More Coupons, Better Savings.
  • Upterm: A terminal emulator for the 21st century.
  • kue-scheduler: A job scheduler utility for kue, backed by redis and built for node.js.

Open Source Projects

  • Corgi DB: C语言开发的基于字符串的kv数据库。
  • Examination System: 基于ASP.NET的开源在线考试系统,个人开发项目。
  • Jekyll Paper: 纸质书籍排版风格的Jekyll博客主题。
  • Jekyll Paper for Github: Jekyll Paper的Github Pages实现。
  • js-print: JavaScript实现的页面打印插件。
  • repeat-checker: A simple and light repeat operation checker.
  • wbf: 简单的BrainFuck解释器实现。
  • dvm: An nvm-like version manager for Deno.